Monday, August 11, 2014



No one stops to listen
for the hustle happening in the big tops
spread out all over town.
Ticket in hand thinking this is the way of the land.
Clowns and cops all wearing the same paint,
multicolored colored clothes with flat foot shoes,
while the trained elephants stampede over them too lost
to find the ticket booth for the poor,
who never get to go to the circus
unless they are the entertainment.
Timing and execution is everything.

Maybe if they collected the check
for that tap dance like ol’ Sammy Jr.
used to do a hundred years ago,
but no they get paid to stay poor
the big top performances are just life .
Let the dice roll then recognize that snake eyes
are looking out from all around
for that fresh meat to let rot for gator bait,
while the crowd laughs and claps
with all the action going on ‘neath the tents surround.

Untouched by the rackets
those in the bleacher seats
are thoroughly entertained
until a stray wasp cuts one down.
Then, it’s just another part of the show,
tragic only because it wasn’t written in sooner
didn’t hit a little closer..
We are, after all, all about interactive living,
who doesn’t like to gawk at another’s blood let loose?

Burn baby burn down the tents
But don’t stop the show because
it’s just as fun to turn on your neighbor,
or at least the stranger seated next to you
until the bleachers collapse;
everyone lands in a jumble
making it easier for the clown car to empty,
and swarm those wasps taking more than flesh.
Dignity has no place in the madness of the circus.

“Never mind, the collapse
they who run the show say,
doesn’t matter anyway
we’ll rebuild it all bigger, better
as soon as we quit laughing and start
buying better wasp proof clown clothes;
less can be done with more
as long as the tickets are sold undiscounted at the door.

It is a canvas sewers dream to replace everything once a year,
out with the new in with the newer perhaps two newers
and what do you do with what’s left over from the last time round
besides lay it out flat and fire it on the dry ground. Burn baby burn,
No one seems to miss the days
when one had to figure out a direction to take,
years before the big tops tents went up all over town,
no one alive remembers what it was like,
life in those black and white pictures
that hang on elephant ear lined concession walls,
where the herd goes for entertainment on a Saturday night.

No one knows that the safety of the bleachers
is just an illusion as they crash easily down
for lack of a nut and bolt to hold them together,
glue is good enough until it isn’t and then what tragedy?
Just throw up another bigger better brighter carnival
somewhere else in the lands where a single circus came round
for what once was just a show for entertainment.

© M Durfee


  1. This constant chase for the newest, latest, seems that's all people can think about. "and die the same", so succinctly said!

    1. Shadow I want to go back to rotary phones and the radio for entertainment. That would certainly give my kids an out from having to call us on holidays and what not,

      But that's just me. We all, no matter where you are have made this whole world, the cultures upon it such a jumbled up, mixed up mess I want out from under any tent, to breathe free again would be my dying wish. when I die that is,

  2. we are little better than crabs in a pot at times...happy to turn on the neighbor or the one seated next to us...tragic...and that safety is sought in the bleachers....but oh what an illusion....

    1. Good way to say it Brian, crabs in the pot all looking for a way out but now having been crowded together packed in so tightly all we know is chaos.

  3. Huge! Colossal! You did it, Mark, you unraveled the truth.

    1. Maybe so Rosaria but who cares anymore but the few who have tasted the pains of being forced to live in lies?

  4. Sometimes its not funny anymore ~ This one hits it:

    We are, after all, all about interactive living,
    who doesn’t like to gawk at another’s blood let loose?

    And I so enjoyed our Florida vacation Mark that we are thinking of buying a property there one day and be one of the snowbirds (Canadians who live there during winter time) ~ Have a good week ~

    1. Grace I find very little humor anywhere anymore. You should read some of the things I am called for simply writing in the paper straight what I write here in metaphor.

      Good for you and your family if you can get a place in FL. It is one of the least expensive tax states and if you head to Mid-Central you'll find it warm enough and close enough to the ocean but not be underwater when the oceans rise, Personally i would look in NE Mississippi, not only because it cool to say the word, but you can still find some decent moonshine and good barbecue and though you'd get the rain, the hurricanes would be mostly broken up by the time they get that far inland. Unfortunately though there is no where in south i would eat the seafood no matter how much money BP spends on their proaganda.

  5. I guess I was just fooling myself a few weeks ago when I said I had nothing left, maybe I just have no real "happy" left right now?

  6. Mark, can I be the fat lady in your circus? xo

  7. Who knew the bleachers could be such a dangerous place? But we all know what corporate greed will do.


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