Wednesday, June 18, 2014



The chamber, you know the next room over with a picture window? 50 people sitting and looking through that window as the dead man strapped down, strapped but not nailed like 20 of the 50 would like, to the gurney is raised up Christ like without any companions except Tom Hanks ready to say (in a calm compassionate tone) “roll on 2” with another 20 silently praying at the foot of the window, sorry they believe—or not; guilt is so subjective they say. Beyond a reasonable doubt they say. The other 10 are just curious folks who were given free passes to the private screening of the last show at the ice cream stand that now has a sign over the marquee reading “Billy Condemned soon in gone to hells fire got his last chill here” They jumped the gun to get a leg up on the concession. “You got any last words Billy Condemned, about to be dead?” Tom asks. Yeah motherfucker read War and Peace to me.” “No, roll on 2” The chemicals course through Billy’s veins and the crowd smiles—or cries—or eats their ice cream. Can’t let some good vanilla go to waste now can they? No one really feeling it except Billy. It is his own crafted reality he is experiencing as he expires. The doc enters the picture window listens for a minute. “Ol’ Billy C. here—he’s dead; pretty good thing they wouldn’t let him choose the guillotine like he wanted eh Tom?” Yep, that was ol’ Billy alright a pain in the ass all the way to the end though it did get him an extra 2 years’ worth of appeals.” Tom walks to the intercom. “Thanks for coming folks, shows over, anyone want to claim William’s body? No? C’mon someone raise your hand, don’t make the state pay for his coffin too! Going once—going twice—victim’s family you want it?” One fella starts rubbin’ his chin thinking about it; the word “fertilizer” running through his mind. He remembers he didn’t bring the pick-up with him and he didn’t want to ruin the upholstery on his car, shakes his head no. “Well then folks thanks for coming, please do not leave anything behind. Including napkins ya’ll with the Ice Cream.” He pushes a button and the curtain drops. The crowd files out of the room. One guy says “All’s well that ends well!” Another remarks “Gonna miss Ol’ Billy, that boy could pull a plow better than a mule.” Last one out says to his girlfriend, “want another ice cream?” his hand in the back pocket of her jeans while he eyes her braless tits.

© M Durfee

finding ourselves somewhat behind due to a lack of answers on which drugs to use, America executed 3 prisoners on 6.17.2014


  1. pretty sick to think of concessions at a killing....and that it does nothing to reduce the crime rate because of the distance between the act and the execution...statistics dont support its use...but we get off on it...

  2. I was thinking of this stuff also this morning, and how inhumanly industrialized this is -- if American society believes in state killing, why not do it in public, with an axe? It would be more honest.

  3. Well told Mark though its a chilling narrative of the "matinee" ~ That's sad news ~

  4. Life do go on. . . . . till for us it don't.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= <3

  5. don't do the crime if you can't do the time, they say...

  6. Things ain't changed all that much.

  7. Hate the way we put to death others--not come a long way from medieval times. We are a barbaric species in so many ways.

    1. Have been reading The Confession by John Grisham which is his fictional statement about executions. Pretty good read actually.

  8. well this frisking makes the point.

    i'm not sure how i feel. because if someone harmed my jessica, i wouldn't be eating ice cream.

    love you, mark

  9. damn you spellcheck: not frisking, fricking!


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