Sunday, May 25, 2014



Waging war
is a hell of a way
to get paid.
some folks
make it a war
just to get laid,

All of the wars we wage
set the stage for more rage
with color (except red), compassionate living
bled out of a world once full of it.

I don’t even wonder anymore
what a world would be like
if the waged war
was not constantly knocking
at the door of the collective brain;
or is it only in my little mind?
Don’t know anymore

the difference between wars,
drugs, class, ass, pain, power
so many more shit slinging wars.
Although I think of barely remembered hours
with no any kind of war, so very long ago
and I know it must be me
for there are more than a few
who see a world of beauty, harmony.

While I see strife, have for most of my life
but then no one ever said one has to be sane
to not want to play insane war games.
I’ll fight wars but no I’ll never fucking tell
which side of the war I fight for.

I have all the enemies I need.
Them that hate me for
my race,
          my drugs,
the beard on my face, my unmatchable hugs.
(come get yours now before I hide them)

Aww shit we are simply human
who will fight over everything,

We desire the sun in the middle of the night
want the moon at high noon
because contention is contentment to our soul, and war,
Goddamn war our roll.

Now tell me I’m all wrong about this war thing
and so much more to the table war brings
so we can start a new war.
Stupid shit abounds
there is always a new reason
for another ignorant ass war to be found.

© M Durfee

My next door neighbor was about to have her water shut down, she immediately went and got her lawn blanket and gave the worker a show of that well used cooch, and though he stared for a while, he still unloaded his tool, not to be seduced by that pink slit surrounded by lumpy cheese thighs. Thinking fast she surmised that a plastic cup of strong hooch in his hand while looking at her saggy nipple puckered bags might just do the trick. Sure enough she bought some time with a show and he with some liquor to sip. He went away; that was the day before yesterday.

Then yesterday the dumpster arrived and the bailiff wasn’t falling for that old “show me some” trick. Court order in his hand, gun on his hip he put that nasty chick out of the house she wasn’t paying on. I wish I could say I was sorry for her dumb ass but personally I was glad she moved on—even if it was only four houses up the street where I don’t have to ever again see her spread her personality.

© M Durfee


  1. War on all levels does indeed seem to be the way of life. Can't seen to escape it any way but fantasy. Maybe it is the moon.

    Would loved to have had a camera for your neighbor's display.

  2. Always at war, its a business. Sadly peace is not highly prized as war & greed ~

    Here's a virtual hug for a wonderful Sunday ~ In my house today, its spring & peaceful ~

    1. Grace peace is HIGHLY prized in the hearts of individuals but our desire to be free from the constraints of the crowd won't allow us to grow that desire any more. Sadly most would rather go along to get along, I am not one and if that puts a target on me then so be it.

  3. ha. i guess 4 houses up is further than your line of sight...surreal a bit you know...what we will do...and what did she save really, just moving on down...

    and war is our addiction on a personal level and on up...peace is fleeting...but i would def give you a hug man...smiles.

    1. Brian if what i posted was the end of the story it would be strange enough, but sunday night the cops came twice, she was thrown out of the house someone else was squatting in, so she broke into the house she was evicted from. All of her 'hood rat friends, not a one of them would offer her a place to crash for a night and then the next morning she was right there with them who disabused her hugging and kissing them. This morning I was out smoking at 0330 and some guy dressed all in black came walking out the front door, saw me, and first ran to the left (closer to my house, than ran like hell down to the house she had not been allowed to stay in 4 doors down.

      What a circus the weekend has been.

  4. It all starts with the bullies in the playground.

    1. Calvin i honestly think you're on to something there. But even a bully learns the basics from a parent.

  5. Well, that beard is definitely a show stopper! :)

    1. Charles only when my mustache gets tangled in my teeth.

  6. Wars will end ... when we're all dead and humans are extinct. Until then the cruelty of life on earth will grow yet harder. If there IS a God, (Ha!) then He or She or It made an awful and terrible mistake in the design.

    1. Philip I am not one to thin the design flawed, but the application of it certainly is egregious.

  7. Sounds like a show that needs to be closed. Understand that it's best that she moves on.

    As for war, it seems that we are simply a pugilistic people and wars seem to be fueled by a lot of people who have nothing but greed on their minds.

  8. Mark-you give great hugs, but don't be huggin' on that hootchie stuff! xo


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