Wednesday, May 14, 2014


JOB 3:25

Fortune favors the bold
society the mighty.

I, a lighthouse keeper,
have been digitized out of
No longer relevant
for the day arriving
with the dawn.

My island besieged
by the comeuppance
of a rising sea
and I’ve no strength left to fight it.
No sand left but for what’s in my pocket.

I do not know when
I first felt an eternal creature,
ready to go explore realms
only dreamt of,
readied for my wake
as I pass through
lands of my own devising.

Retreat, retreat to the mystery
of the agreed upon,  
the prepared,
where I
had no seat at the table.

Go now, time for I to go now to no more,
I am ready to fold and blend
to background color of another’s,
a younger than eternal others,
rising from the sea  
lighting a new way to live,
moving to a new place of higher elevations,
I will never reach nor see off in the distance
for I am going now,
I am gone. ‘
Digitized to memories bank

—and let all the old ways fold and fit.
My pack needs be full when I leave here.  

© M Durfee


  1. its a bit sad the things that are left to die
    or fade out of existence---the lighthouse keepers
    we need them, to light the way, but even that
    has been pushed aside by egos that know the right

    1. Personally Brian, time passes and with it, generations. I am simply declaring that the portion of my generation that I lit is ready to move off, set sail. The question being will that which is new and left behind be able to light the way to the future if there be no "lighthouses" on the shore? Will I be able to take with me every vestige of my old ways, which apparently are worn out, with me.

      I may have need of the tools that are comfortable in my hands and not those designed by another, made for smaller more universal appeal.

  2. Those last two lines are remarkable, mark--our memories folded and packed for the last journey

    This is a sad poem, true for printers and sailors and cabinetmakers. The old ways have substance in a way that digital dots cannot. You've captured that very well


    1. I can see how it would look like a requiem for those moving on kj, but what does it look like to them who are taking the place of the old and shaping their own destiny? I will sit on the lotus throne willingly with that spirit, making room for others to find their own journey with out me trying to light the way for them. My light may not be energy efficient enough.

  3. This is a bit sad, but I find it hopeful, too, because of the sense that you haven't given up but decided to move on to something new and different.

    1. Vanessa, thank you. That is right about on the money when reflecting on my thoughts and feelings as I wrote this.

  4. No seat at the table for the likes of us. But our packs are heavy


    1. Friend i long for that heavy pack again, the one that allowed me to be worry free and knowledge that I am self able and strong enough to shoulder it. I know I am no longer that capable so I willingly step aside, let another or others take my place along the shore to light the way home for a new generation. A generation I am made irrelevant by.

  5. I don't get the last line, at least I don't think I do. I guess that's the beauty of it.

    1. Carleton, it is what you think it is. I can give you my feelings about it that's all.

      To me I am expressing my desire to take all of my memory of living, folded up neat, and put in a Lime Green Jansport 1800cc full frame backpack with a Superman logo sewed on the rain shield. And i would carry all that lifetimes learning to my new destination.

  6. I thought this was kind of sad yet filled with truth. You and I and others are still here standing (or sitting), writing and sharing. That has to count for something...xoxo

    1. Susan 'til death imparts us a way forward it is better to make a little noise just so's you don't get run down eh?

  7. It's part of the aging process. I've still got a way to go before I catch up with you, but I hope to have a chance to be there sometime, even if it is a hard and lonely shore.

    1. Alice the only advice I have for them aging both gracefully or gracelessly is protect the physical, I have broken so much that now is catching up to me...even thoughts at times are too heavy a weight.

  8. The lighthouse may have finished with its keeper (or itself been replaced), but the keeper recognizes that he has other skills to fill his backpack and so goes on…At least, I hope he does. Sad, wry, and beautiful all at once, sir. Thank you.

    1. ds, comes a point where the old ways become new again, rediscovery youthful understanding and carrying the old ways into the future. It's all a moving on; unburdened by new weights.

  9. Well I felt the sadness & despair of that fading and leaving ~ But if it makes you happy to step aside for the new generation, then so be it ~ Lots of things to mull over here Mark ~ Happy Friday & weekend to you ~

    1. Grace, there is a sadness in moving on at times, am I fading to this, or is it the other way round? Happy? Save me from that mercurial environ; I will be content in knowing the choices I make are mine, uninfluenced by wishes.

  10. Ready to set sail? I am reminded of Frodo, Gandalf and the elves setting sail and leaving Middle Earth. There is peace in knowing that one has left behind things in good condition. But I think that was your point when you replied to Brian whether there would be light for the future.

    1. Calvin, every day I lose a bit of the life left me and I know that what I take is my own understanding, At the same time I have to be concerned for the earth science that is now coming to common knowledge but them with power are trying to destroy the truth of the planet by foisting lies upon the young who are ever ready to to follow a lie, until it is too late to turn back.

  11. Mark, don't you think that we all arrive at a point where we look back more that looking ahead? I feel I've recently turned that corner! xo


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