Tuesday, April 15, 2014


With my home securely locked away inside of me
I tread softly from room to room
just to see the places that have been a part of me.
It’s a world of history
this house o’ mine,
some rooms filled with dark inescapable hate
others filled with light blossoming divine.
Opening one door I am awash in
a breeze of air so fresh and fine
after pacing for years unframed within
a suite of rooms, terrible, inescapable time.
Never understanding the impact of the then
until I come to the now being able to look back
to that when and see how the days and nights
had turned me all around, up and, about.
It is more than a grand living space
this home a moment open and hour closed;
it is a living place this heart o’ mine,
the only homeland I’ve ever known.

© M Durfee


  1. finding your homeland internally is pretty cool...
    and i have those light and dark rooms...
    you have to have each to have a full life
    but we get to choose which rooms we spend
    the most time in....

  2. I love being ensconced in my home, relaxing, safe from the stress of the world. AS long as I don't watch the news.

  3. Mark, this is my favorite you've ever written. Rooms within ourselves and our homeland...
    A plus plus plus mark. This inspires and calms me


  4. As far as rooms go...
    YOU are a mansion!!!!

  5. Let's have supper ... mashed potatoes, corn and home grown beef ... and green peas and lot's of red tomatoes ... red makes me smile and swear and feel good afterwards ... come? ... let's? ... hmmm?

  6. Sometimes, a house is a home is a castle; sometimes a shanty that blows down.

    Nice interior one ->

  7. Mark, I'm happy to say that I have visited that home and found it very comfortable-no wait-that was your hug! xo

  8. A lovely home it is, some shadows, some light, some giving us thoughts of the past, but in the a gratitude and acceptance ~ Happy day to you Mark ~

  9. I like the image of a heart as a homeland. My heart is full of rooms like these - both the good and the bad.

  10. Never understanding the impact of the then
    until I come to the now being able to look back --- truer words never written, Mark. The clarity we gain when we step back, step away...look with eyes somehow refreshed.

  11. I put this prose poem up (scroll way,way down) on Newmarket, what's happening.Your name is on it, of course. Already kudos from Charles Gramlich.

    (Don't burn down my office) :)

  12. I imagine you have a lot of rooms within, my friend.


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