Monday, December 16, 2013


I am a wisp of promise shifted from hand to pocket on a paper pass with stiff cold leaves cracking under shuffling feet looking for shelter. I am the frozen spots of blood leaked from cracked feet left in stains in frost topped snow trails traversing city streets from full shelter to full shelter, looking for a place of warmth in the wilds of a bitter night. I am the festive light unseen. I am a man deciding it is time to rest, tired from trekking across the city I sit against a tree to nap; never to wake in cold again.

Never to be moved along by a badge and a stick to not be seen where the party people go for light shows and dreams of children riding on sleighs piled high with presents for all. I am frozen humanity that would have been grateful enough to have been counted naughty enough to receive a lump of heat giving lifesaving coal.

There is no promise for them counted helpless except in death, I should have had a job, I should have been able to find my way to comfort it is not that hard.  Leave me be, the wisp of promise my parents gave the world when they birthed me, stuck sitting crucified dead frozen to this tree for an example for all to see until the world thaws around me.

I only am an ornament, a temporary decoration on a dying tree, hung for a bit then tucked away safely in a box marked "eternity."

© M Durfee


  1. oh god mark. you nailed this one. the images, the metaphors, the stark reality of this is heartbreaking.

    why does humankind not learn? why does technology so advance but not the human heart?

    with love to you, my friend

  2. Incredibly sad, and powerful. makes one think about the things that many of us complain about.

  3. a temporary decoration on a dying tree...
    only an ornament...

    so sad...i really like the rather declarative beginning of who 'I AM' and of course nice word play in that as well...smiles.

  4. My family and I where moved along man a time by :badge and stick" ... and it's happening today ... as it will in the future ... proud to be gypsy ... smiles ...

  5. ... many, I meant to say ... :(

  6. Aren't we all? Perhaps the most sadness comes from that lost wisp of promise of a new baby...

  7. apt, agonizing-

    ALOHA to YOU
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  8. I can sympathize ... there is a real bad batch of crack out there right now ... working hard to save some souls ... merry x-mas ... feel like running ... let's go on that world trip (bucket list # 13) ... mmmh, let's see ... how many worlds are there to travel to ...

  9. Mark-teary. Makes me realize how profoundly blessed I am. xo

  10. I think I will simply let this one speak to you as it does.

  11. Okay, you not only tugged my heartstrings, Mark, but you tore them up with this tender and beautiful writing.


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