Sunday, November 24, 2013



Everything comes and goes.
The stars in the fullness of the belly of night
pass right to left as the sun pushes them from sight.
Seasons are little more than calendar pages
that are lived through in stages
until youth grows from young to old.
Tomorrow comes then
leaves falling into yesterday,
laying knowing, underfoot, cold. 
Life is given then fades away.
Everything comes and goes. 

© M Durfee


The blinds roll up no help needed,
 the sun warms them and away they go
to wait again for another night to come
and keep the peeping out, in.
I lost my heart somewhere
way back in the dark
never found it again
when the light came back in.
I smile no more at a double pour
of whatever it is you’re smoking.
“Leave it be” says me to me,
“time rolls away from them trying to hold it.”  

Definitions defined change with time
and now I don’t know the lyric anymore.
Though I find making plans
is simply making up a story in my mind,
pissing in the cold dark off my front porch
which makes me wish I lived
in a third floor walkup with a peep hole in the door,
no window blinds. The only way it would be funny
is when a passerby count’s it a miracle
getting rained on when it’s warm and sunny.  

 “Leave it be” she says to me
“counting lovers is a fools pastime
done for counting all the quarters burnt through
 to get the sheets smell new that never really are
once the wrapping comes off.”
I spy the ever empty king size bed, a symbol of hope now wasted  
I know instead there never was any in it but the court jester.
And as usual finally I see the truth; the jester has always been me.

© M Durfee



  1. Seems more going than coming these days.

  2. smiles...time moves faster the older i get...i have a hard time believing you lost your heart let us see it occassionally in you verse...though i think at times we have all served the role of the jester....

  3. Counting lovers--did that years ago. And now I can't remember the names of some of them. Not important to me anymore.

  4. Mark-NEVER count your lovers! No good ever came from that game. Life goes on..and on.. and on... xo


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