Friday, June 28, 2013


In our infinitesimal place
in a cosmos of matter
ever moving away
from where and who
we think we are.

I find we are destined
to discover we are
less than stars and
the planets that ring
them though we share
molecules the great expanse
in hotness leant us.

We arrogantly refuse to cede
that we are one with
each other much less all
that we ever find around us
and but a dot on
a tiny anomaly of space. All
that is could waste us
with a small rock and
never remember we were here;
if it not for all
the human handmade junk up
there we spit out of
the atmosphere into space and
the galaxy and have ringed
our own planets bell with.

Our thinking is that if we
shit in the galaxy we call
owned by us and refuse to
flush; the rest of all space
and bent time that is will
conform to our wasteful ways and
by forcing conformity on space we
will prove who the real master
of the far flung universe is.

We have Hollywood, Bollywood, porn and television
to entertain our brain into the misperception
that our cosmic view is but deception
of reality of our insignificance. Fortunately on
the offhand chance that there is another
planet clean, virgin, without the human virus
upon it we’ve not engineered a science
or developed an intellect to reach it.

Before we leave this planet, this envelope of
survival to spread out among the billions of
galaxies to search for another planet perhaps mother
knew best when she said “clean your own
filthy room before you go out on the
porch to make even more of a mess!”

© M Durfee

He took her tenderly by the hand and walked slowly, lovingly to the grass by the pond. The breeze was gentle; evening was rising with the stars. He loved the feel of her wonderfully soft skin and said to her “It’s been thirty years honey and you still have the finest ass in ten states."

© M Durfee


  1. smiles. way to sweet talk your honey man...ha.

    i am surprised actually we have not found another planet to ship our junk to...garbage runs into space...or left ours for a cleaner place and let it be the garbage dump...mama was wise indeed...smiles.

    1. Brian no matter how old I get I still like walking slightly behind her.

      Choices have to be made and made soon, in my opinion, as to which options we are going to globally pursue.

  2. Mark:

    Your up early and being productive. I like the part about refusing to flush the toilet...kinda says it all.

    Also like Young Love - guys speak...cuts to the chase. Makes me think of that whole on-line dating thing again. :-)

    1. Melinda--Early rising is the norm, productivity...well sometimes.

      We can dither on the flushing but once our hand is forced to action we still have to figure what to do with the inorganic waste. I was surprised to learn not all plastics are recyclable.

      I think for women there is always one question that they should never make a man answer no matter what stage the relationship is in--"Does this make my ass look fat?"

      Personally i think once you get rolling around the desert and on with lifeas you will it to be, you will not need an OL dating service. You'll be out there among people who like what you like.

  3. if we have to wait till we clean our own room before we go into space we'll never make it. Too many people who don't care and too much trash.

    1. Charles i think we will follow our nature and continue to explore BUT I also think once weget truly off planet capabilities we'll simply leave the planet fouled for us who love this place.

  4. I love the juxtaposition of the first piece with the second piece. And, yes, we treat the earth like a giant toilet and get all upset when we find out it's too full to flush. We are a terribly selfish lot.

    1. Talon I have always admired the right sized curve of a well shaped derriere.

      Man had been living in filth before, especially in Europe, but apparently we have forgotten the lessons that pig sty life one time took out 50% of the worlds population. Sadly.

  5. We waste so much time, but it's good as "Young Love" described, the passion is still there after all.

    1. Deb one day about 20 years ago I discovered that as Joann aged she only got better looking. Youth is a fine and everything but comfort is meant for who have been together for a good bit of time.

  6. Awwww...
    Ain't love Grand?
    You are such a Romantic Marc...:-)
    You are THE best Devil's Advocate on the planet Brother!
    Loved BOTH of your statements
    Thanks for playing, thanks for being The Voice of Truth
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

    1. That's me Galen, Detroit Don Juan with some Don Quixote mixed in for humilities sake.

  7. Young love moved me!hot! Thanks

    Aloha from mature heat

    1. Cloudia a very fine magazine status posterior is fine for a 19 year old but written in every inch of a mature curve is a lifetimes worth of memories accumulated.

  8. Maybe she has the finest ass in all the galaxies--and you, sir, have the junk.

  9. If we find another planet we'll make a mess of it in no time. Yes, like kids that move to another room when they can't breath in their own junk anymore but will refuse to clean it. Easier to find another place to dump.

    Remember to flush...


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