Monday, May 6, 2013


Who am I now
that I am nowhere found
except somewhere in the silence
between the different calibers
of shotgun shack poets
and prospectors
looking for the golden
pound of fame traded for flesh;
the exact weight of seeing me
discovered alive at the noisy party.

Rising to a place
I never wanted beyond
the grace where laid buried
the words I once loved.
words I wanted, which
never had a wealth of peace
for me
while looking for the way
to find their richness,

A wealth I was given,
a prosperity I lost
somewhere along the way
before I was ever
parented by them.

I was too stupid to learn,
a thought my tutor sold me.
I had to educate myself
to weariness
and now
the knowledge of silence
I am told
is not wealth worth having;
and I believe the teacher.

Yet it is the
that makes
the noise
have meaning.

If you look for me,
though I know
I am forever lost.

look in the silence.

I cannot love away
the hate anymore.

The teacher was correct,
I am too stupid to learn,
I am lost somewhere
In the nowhere of
ignorance of life’s knowledge.

© M Durfee


  1. interesting verse mark....silence def has its place in helping us appreciate the noise...sometimes it is in finding when to be silent and when to make noise...i can not love away the hate any more is a tight line...a hard admission....

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  3. The silence does speak volumes...but I think your words are even louder, Mark. The honesty is stark and painful to observe.

  4. We all seem too stupid to learn, particularly the big stuff, the important stuff. Maybe it's time for this:

    A great little story by Bradbury.

  5. I keep trying to love away the hate in the world. It is difficult and taxing to the spirit. I do appreciate quiet and stillness. Learned to not keep doing all the time but just appreciate being.

  6. Sounds to me like the teacher needs to take lessons from you.

  7. Silent & listen has the same spelling its very useful in a class..Silence is Golden but noise shows we are still alive..both have its merits& demerits..but i agree with u silence makes the noise have meaning & ur lovely poem makes us think alot with its depth of meaning& the last lines are incredible..GOD<3U

  8. Excellent. This is also why I prefer "white noise" when sleeping, an overhead fan, something to block out ticking clocks and random night noises.

  9. Yes, silence gives the noise meaning ~ As light from a candle is meaningful, in a dark room ~ Have good day Mark ~

  10. Silence absolutely gives the noise meaning. That is why I love the early am. hours. Your words here have given me alot of food for thought. Thank you...xoxo

  11. I have been making too much noise lately. I think it may be time for a new plan or is it I have been too silent lately, maybe it's time for a new plan?

  12. and only tears give laughter meaning and evil gives good meaning. Silence is the best. Beautiful phrasing. and too stupid to learn, but what gives learning meaning?


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