Friday, May 17, 2013


There are minds that nobody knows anymore
for those that can remember them
have been herded to camps or corporate bought
to relearn to never again teach human evil singularity
to outreach in classrooms doctrine bound thought.

So what will you say with sole ability erased away?
The idea that freedom is never painless
but it can be—if you bear the cost
which has to be dead intellectualism?
Traded for the desire of oligarchy capitalism?

The goal ripping current and coming
on a rising tide is bliss filled self-destruction
killing the engines on our separate cultures single ship
and worm hole the keel that our soul’s vessel will tide born
nestle individual thinking upon the shoals of groupthink.

I believe that what you believe is what they believe
of those that believe the same thing and that is the answer.
Question nothing for you know all you need to know;
how to be a glorious (but impoverished) member
rising one minded thoughtless as a part of the whole

Question no answers knowing that
the answers ever be the words rebound
in other useful words that mean the same
answer as the asked question spoken
only they have a different token sound?

You, then YOU will comfortably KNOW what to do.
The same as I would which would
be the same as you and them ALL and their and those
and whatever THAT we are told IS the way to be.
The questions and answers are not NECESSARY.

Admit it now that when all vessels engines are firing on all cylinders
you simply don't feel right because then you might just think in a way
that isn’t full of fear and fright and you may wake up to realize
that what you see isn’t the same sight as the person standing next to you.
Good God almighty what a horrible, evil, frightening thing the see!

That it is your thinking individually that sets your herded ass free.

© M Durfee


  1. i believe you believe what they believe....haha...dont question, just follow the ass in front of you...and not let your eyes rise above the anus

  2. I don't know why "Moral Man, Immoral Society" popped in my head reading this (a book by Reinhold Neibuhr). There is great power for conformity from the group.

  3. Bovine groups get eaten.

    This made me think of "Soylent Green" and FB.

  4. The whole group mentality thing creeps me completely out. You nailed it, Mark. The idea that someone else could tell you (and very effectively) that you know all you need to know? That's the scariest part of it all.

  5. Mark, Happily, I was never in any real group. My son tends to be the same way. Both of us are socially careful and mostly private. And we prefer animals to people. xo

  6. Yep. Patrick Henry would be arrested at the airport as a terrorist, probably.Certainly on suspicion of wanting to change the goverment.

  7. Not ole Philadelphia 1776 , ToTo

    Aloha, Bro

  8. No wonder my dd hates what she calls "bandwagon." She often points to the herd mentality on Facebook. Yet she's still there.

  9. Don't worry, all vessel's engines firing together will never happen.

  10. That's what prayer is brother...
    Collective Consciousness

  11. I wonder when it became the norm to be part of the everybody? Shaking my head because original thought seems such a foreign concept to just about anyone I know.

  12. A mass of mindless sheep. I refuse to settle for that in my life. Seems like the world is turning into Stepford Wives and husbands. The sad thing about turning into sheep is that you won't be prepared or have the mindset to see the wolves hidden among you. Great post!

  13. Not me folks. I may lose everything I have but I refuse to follow. If someone wants to walk the rough road with me, cool, welcome, but I have not been in a crowd larger than a hundred or so since 1979 when i finally got stoned enough at a Stones show to see we have turned rock and roll into our religion at the time and now as we have aged and let some bastards go to college who never worked a day in their life, have turned money and the greed for it into our salvation I say fuck 'em. There are worse things than imprisonment and death.

    The loss of being able to think for your self is about the worst thing I can think of. We turned into a crowd because we bought into the Grateful Deads idea of what cool meant and the dead heads turned it into capitalism and we said money must be good if the Dead Heads are getting rich selling trinkets without having to pay any royalties (yes that is a metaphor.

    We allowed the wealthy to make us afraid of each other but herded us together because we thought we'd be safer in a group. Hell truth is it takes less ammunition to kill a group than it does a mass of self thinking self aware people.

  14. I just read an essay suggesting that too much individualistic thinking is what is wrong with the US.

  15. And the word of the right(eous) comes to mind: Sheeple. But for those who are spoon fed by Rush and Beck, who are the sheeple really?

    1. And the words of Dylan come to mind too--just a pawn in their game.


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