Monday, May 27, 2013


Who are we that we adore no more sea or shore
but only the shape of the wonder laying
nearly naked and useless upon them?
Give me a morally free pass to see it,
to worship that young ass
and barely there and hardly covered tits.

Planets moon and stars even the leaf of a tree
hold more beauty than body of a person
selling sexuality for a cheap red carpet bag of tricks
even though it alone holds more than my total net worth.

We make heroes and saints not
from kindnesses and memories of courageous deeds
done in times rough and hard
but oh Lord how we wait for the latest rag paper picture
of the half-naked whoever with underwear
sagging barely covering their fruit bearing parts.

Maybe we are willing to pay too much
for the photograph and forget
that the cost comes out of our moral compass.
We can no longer afford to work for fame
so we put our toddlers in tiaras and
give the pedophiles a peep at what they seek
and the rest of us change the channel the parent scolders
looking for a scandal that is about children just bit older.

But divert your eyes no more we are as we have perversion
normal become and distraction calamity among the celebrity rich
is what we have learned to love as our diversion.
All the while never knowing it is planned and set up to be that way
by the God Damned them who want us to not see them ruining the planet.

Let our life nearly die and when it is all said and done
nature will take over and then if a new Adam and Eve come
I wonder who will be the first one to discover
they can make some money for exposures
of their fig leaf partial nudity uncovered?  

Youngsters selling themselves for a shot at fame
but most when the skin is no longer soft or supple
they will find themselves as lost and betrayed
by the cost of actions done when they were pretty
but ego inflated and dumb enough
to listen to some money hungry businessman
who told them if they sold pictures of their body to them
they would find fame
how that is the easy way to play game.

Now that since the beginning of time
we have been conditioned to accept the lie
and place stars in our children’s eyes;
but not the heavenly kind.

Dreams of mind that turns or sons and daughters
 into escort’s, whores for sale to the highest bidder
advertised on the back pages of the  rags sheets
after we glance at all the hip and up to date news
of social get-together’s promoting
the latest art and music scene.
The places where fame begins to dream.

I don’t know anymore
but I will bet ya
I fine more beauty not among
the near naked post teens
as I do in Michelangelo’s David or Pieta.  

© M Durfee

Gary Cooper was not  Seargent York, Alvin York has been forgotten.


  1. conditined to place stars in the eyes of our children, thus indoctrinating them early into this life...and so true on who we made our heroes out to be...a bit sad...remembering those that gave...

    1. I don't get it Brian, Kim Kardashian has an ass bigger than two moons over Miami, it wouldn't be a bad ass to have I guess if it hadn't made her ass famous because she made sex tapes the necessary component for fame without talent.

  2. I tried to teach my son what I hoped were enduring values. Sometimes I feel like I've handicapped him against the world of crassness and style over substance that we have. But we can only know that in the future.

    1. Charles i don't think you have to worry about Josh, you can be afraid while he makes his mistakes but that is the long way around all the wonderful children have to make. Eventually they see for themselves that they can be better than we ever were.

  3. I vividly remember feeling your words ... 30 years ago ... right my daughter was born ... I remember crying thinking: What have I done ... I pushed this being into this wicked world ... I never taught her about Jesus and salvation, because she was born innocent ... she grew up to be a strong, beautiful woman. Happy Birthday, Mary :)

    1. I think all the old hippies felt that way when they had their kids--then of course most of them started to raise them with lies and bullshit, which as children will do, they saw right through and now those that lied the best learned earliest to teach their children that greed is a need and beauty is a nice ass and a big bank account.

      I rather doubt that you brought your child up in lies. May her birthday just passed be the best day of the year gone by and the worst day of the year ahead.

    2. So why am I crying now ... mmmh? Tears of joy, I guess ... Thank you. Always, cat.

  4. You always cut through the crap and get right to the heart, Mark.

    1. Talon, I was never able to eat shit after being bullied as a child I don't see any need to to present it all prettied up now that I am an adult.

  5. Wonderful essay.

    But brings to mind bawdy song from my old flying days, when I almost crashed my Harvard into a hangar, when I first heard on the tarmac some drunken Air Cadets singing,

    "Her father was a brewer
    But she was a ****ing hoer."

    1. Back to Sterno Ivan? Not the cadet song but the crashing your plane before it ever left the ground?

  6. Twas ever thus, my Brother. No?

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >
    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    1. Siata' There have been nigh on 50 years of documented world wide peace in the past 10,000 years. We have the capacity for letting objects be objects rather than making them out of bodies and objectified thoughts.

  7. Mark, Kim and her others a talentless fools that we would never even have contact with except for t.v. and social media. Boring but train wreck like. I don't take any of it seriously. xo

  8. I don't even know who Kim is. That shows that I don't know her ass but there are plenty of other asses that I do know. I avoid as many of them as possible. I prefer the flesh to be real and not pumped up with some inflatable ego.


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