Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's Good FOR SOMETHING--just not humanity

Pain wracked, sundered soul 
again in my face 10 miles outside of town 
the headlines windblown make the
paper rustling sound letting me know 
2142 more of my countrymen dead in a war
defending me from them 
who only hate me
 for seeing differently the same loving God.  


  1. for seeing differently the same loving god...
    ha...we live up to that love, now dont we...
    shakes head.

  2. This is no loving God. It's a kill or be killed universe and love is a delusion. But I prefer to live there.

  3. Religion on religion crime. I don't understand it.

  4. I don't think there has been 55 wiser words. There is a loving God. We have free choice. I DO see people living love, but not everyone... and just because someone says it is in the name of God - it doesn't make it so!

  5. as you know, to make a lot of $$$ quickly, wage war... to hell with the common military folk; lie to them about it being 'patriotic', while you increase your bank statements :(

    1. SPOT ON! It is no easy arming your enemies while fighting them. It's hard to stay on top of the largest armeror in the world Tony.

  6. I Just want to briefly say that I do not go in much for ANY religion. But the odd thing about Christianity and Islam is that Christianity tells you to pray for and heap blessings on your enemies head and the Qur'an actually calls all Jews, Christians, and Muslims children of the same God and that all of God's children should live together in peace.

    Oh there is a bit about Jihad in the Qur'an--specifically says a Jihad is the defense of Jerusalem against them that are not children of the book (as defined above)

  7. Yeah, when "God" stops being exclusive, maybe there is a hope...a teeny tiny flicker of hope...that peace might actually be achieved. Mind you. that's the dreamer in me speaking.

  8. I am not religious at all. No old man with a beard up in the clouds is going to open up gates up or down for me. But I do think that there is such a thing as energy among people and a connection. Too bad that most of the energy emitted by the US seems to be about making war and not peace.

  9. Mark, I have different doubts in my beliefs, but I do think I will be a part of the afterlife party! xo


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